Original Yoshitoshi (1839 - 1892) Japanese Woodblock Print 
Osono Attacking Keyamura Rokusuke 
Series; Twenty-four Accomplishments in Imperial Japan

Twenty-four Accomplishments in Imperial Japan - Yoshitoshi’s late series “Twenty-four Accomplishments in Imperial Japan” highlights important figures throughout the history of Imperial Japan, from both legend and real life. These terrific images include valiant samurai, brave retainers, loyal wives, and fantastic demons. Beautifully drawn with a wonderful sense of realism and finely printed with rich jewel-tone colors, these designs are a great example of Yoshitoshi’s mature artistic style. A great choice for a Yoshitoshi collector.

Osono Attacking Keyamura Rokusuke - Dramatic image of the young beauty Osono disguised as a traveling priest attacking Keyamura Rokusuke, a retainer of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, whom she thought had killed her father. He fends off her attack, and learning her name, discovers that he knows the true killer of her father, and that the boy he holds in his arms is in fact her nephew, whom he had found abandoned. Rokusuke clutches the child to his chest, his arm raised to defend himself as Osono attacks him with a knife. A great woodblock from this famous tale. Beautifully detailed with fine cloth embossing in the white robe and burnishing in the black mantle.

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Posted on Wednesday, 17 October
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