Original Chikanobu (1838 - 1912) Japanese Woodblock Print 
Messenger Reporting to a Woman Warrior 
Series; Stories of Famous Japanese Women

Stories of Famous Japanese Women- In 1893, Chikanobu began work on a series of diptychs depicting scenes from the lives of famous Japanese women. His “Stories of Famous Japanese Women” included women from various time periods as well as mythological heroines, highlighting their dramatic deeds or personal virtues. These intriguing subjects are beautifully drawn with Chikanobu’s characteristic fine line work, and lovely soft shading. A rare and wonderful series and a great choice for a collector.

Messenger Reporting to a Woman Warrior - Terrific image of a samurai messenger reporting on the details of a battle to a woman warrior. He gestures to the side as he speaks, broken arrows protruding from his armor and the blade of his sword damaged from use. The woman regards him haughtily, standing tall under a fine reed blind, a naginata in her hand. The sleeves of her outer floral kimono have been pushed down to the waist, revealing a delicately embossed white under robe. Another beauty kneels beside her holding a sword, her long hair tied back with a white sash. A row of standards from approaching troops can be seen above the foliage in the distance at left. A beautifully detailed subject.


This is truly an amazing print. - TSM

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Posted on Monday, 5 November
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